Sunday, February 4, 2007


Spreading germs with Glo-Germ powder.

Some kids wash with only water, some with soap and water, and some with soap, water and scrubbie.

Comparing handwashing.

Looking for germs with an ultraviolet light.

Making germs for a craft.

Teaching Sunday School in the water filter workshop in Nkoranza. Note: the latrine in the background is now complete!

Water and Sanitation Technologies workshop in Adrakpo. The whole village came and sat for a few hours and then had a lot of questions. They will be receiving some water filters.

Facial scars are common tribal markings.

Fidelis is training a household on filter use while Kevin looks on.

Mary (standing in front of their new filter) and her family.

Pounding fufu. Boiled cassava and plantain are mashed into a sticky dough.

Fufu in goat soup. Fur and all. It's eaten with your fingers (right hand only), which may be why Kevin got so sick. Insufficient handwashing?

The latrine in Grumakrom is doing well. When we were approaching the village on our bikes, all the kids were shouting, "Melissa! Melissa!" The people are extremely grateful for this toilet.

Two hour bike ride to Nankuma.

We taught some kids to make kites, thanks to a friend and kite enthusiast at Canada Post.

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