Sunday, January 28, 2007


The 'Youth Creating Change' organization I trained in Sogakope are
doing an amazing job. Since I left almost two years ago, they created
a filter technician team. They also do some other great stuff, but for
now I'll tell a bit about the filters.

Yesterday we visited some riverside villages whose main resource is
diving for 'oysters' in the river. About ten months ago, the filter
technician team installed a dozen filters there. They also trained
one person named Edwin from the main village, Dalive, to oversee the
filters. When we arrived there, Edwin said he had since trained
others to also help.

All the filters are being used regularly, since the people are really
enjoying the benefits. They've had less health problems and they say
it even tastes better.

Youth Creating Change are simply a group of local youths that want to
help their communities. They are volunteers who do a lot of research
and careful preparation before assessing villages for potential
projects. Tomorrow I will be giving a Biosand filter workshop close
to the Togo border, where the area is having a serious water problem.

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