Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Thanks for your prayers - we made it to Nkoranza no problem and fast!
As soon as we arrived, we walked through town and kept meeting all our
old friends one after another. It was so exciting and special. We've
rented bikes to get around. We had an "official" welcome from some
local pastors last night. They shared about the many struggles
they've had, including divisions. Please pray for them and the
churches in this area.

Today we visited places where some filters are installed in Nkoranza.
Praise God - it was exciting to see the hospital pharmacy and lab each
using their filters regularly.

Funerals are the biggest events in Ghana. Today we passed by a dead
body on the side of the road - dressed nicely in frilly clothes and
ribbons. People were wailing over it. It didn't smell.... yet.

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