Friday, January 26, 2007

Kevin has been the guinea pig...

...for my hygiene class. We haven't been near the internet since
Monday partly because Kevin fell violently ill for two days. Now
still recovering we have made it to Sogakope. He has become paper
thin!! The night before we left Nkoranza we installed a water filter
for a family. They showed their appreciation by preparing us fufu.
This is a dough like substance that is made of casava and plantain
mushed together with a long stick. On top was a goat stew. The goat
still had the fur on it!!!! Kevin wolfed it down while I politey took
a small sample. Lucky for me!! All I had to do was to clean up the
unsightly puddles for the next few days.
On our travel down south we stopped in a few villages where I was able
to go to some bead markets. I had a blast and now I don't know how to
get them all home.
This morning we went to teach hygiene in a school. The school was
about 600 children large and they wanted us to teach everyone. The
preschool was at least 150 kids with only three teachers!!!! After
that the kids had a dance competition. It was great fun to watch.
Thanks for all your prayers.

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