Saturday, January 20, 2007


This time we took a taxi to our destination. It's WAY too far for
bikes. We went to a school where Becky taught 2 years ago. The
children all remembered us and also asked about Melissa, Emma & Levi
who briefly attended that school.

The school is on the outskirts of Techiman, we needed to find a taxi
into town where we could find another taxi that goes to Nkoranza. A
man was sitting nearby in his car and offered to give us a ride. He
was happy to drive the whole ways (for nothing) because although he is
a chief of a whole area here, he mainly lives in Toronto now, and
wanted to talk to Canadians.

Moses pulled his car along the roadside when he saw his good friend,
the fetish high priest from his village. So the priest climbed in the
back of the small two-door beside Becky. A few minutes later, Moses
saw another chief from the area and also offered him a ride. So the
priest squished close to Becky to make room for the 'Nana'. During
the drive, Moses told us that the fetish priest performs rituals twice
a week on some rocks which we used to enjoy hiking around with the
kids. Pouring libations (gin), sacrificing sheep, etc.

This all wasn't so bad, but just the night before some friends came to
visit us and told us that a local chief died about a month ago. A
chief must be buried with 4 heads, so everyone knows not to be alone
at night or you may disappear! Once the 4 heads are collected, you're
safe. Traditional rituals such as this are kept quiet (because it's
technically illegal), so one can perceive there is quite a spiritual
battle. It's been eye opening being at the mercy of local transport,
and getting to know others who have different beliefs. Needless to
say, Becky didn't stop praying for that car ride back to Nkoranza.

Thanks for your prayers!
We DO feel safe and in God's hands. Hakuna Matata.

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