Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Today we visited the filters in Nankuma and Nkwabeng. Nankuma is a
tiny isolated village at the end of a long road. We took a taxi there
with our bikes in the back (because you can't find a taxi there - end
of the road!). The bike ride back was 2 hours in the mid afternoon
heat. And dust! When we arrived in the taxi in Nankuma, we got out
looking like orange men instead of white men. The dust was thick.

We checked on the filters. The villagers previously walked a long
distance to a bad source of water. Three months ago, someone drilled
a well in there village. So now they don't have to walk the distance,
but they since stopped using the filters. They don't like the taste
of the well water, so sometimes they drink from the filters. Using
filters occassionally isn't good, so we re-educated them and answered
their questions. They're now excited to know that it's okay to use
the filters, and even a benefit to use while they are fetching well

Then we visited their school and we gave a hygiene lesson. The kids
made some bugs for a craft, to represent bacteria. We also used a UV
LED light and 'Glo-Germ' product to help them visualize the effect of
the quantity and quality of handwashing. We had a great time. We
really enjoy the small out-of-the-way villages. It was worth the dust
and bike ride...

In the evening we worked with the youth at the church. We gave a
lesson about the body of Christ having many parts, and the made some

Please pray for the youth as they try to identify their spiritual
gifts and use them in the church which is struggling with unity.

We're healthy and pooped. A roadside stand is now making some rice
for us. Then we're going straight to bed.

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