Thursday, January 18, 2007

Grumakrom and Ayerede

Today we biked to Ayerede which was only 1.5 hrs each way. Again, we
helped in a local school teaching hygiene and then visited the various
filter installations. At one of them, the family had moved. It was
great to see that they had taught the new family about the filter and
the new family is enjoying it daily! Another family with a filter had
also moved, but tried taking it with them. They're not made to move,
so we'll get it set up again...

On the way back from Ayerede, we stopped at Grumakrom. This is the
village where Melissa helped to get a latrine built. The kids are
regular in using it. They were all shouting, "Melissa!" when they saw
us riding up the road towards them. This poor village also received
some filters. We gave a lesson and did crafts with the kids in the
school. The teachers and other adults seem to enjoy that just as

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